Usually we send the package via DHL/UPS/EMS/USPS/China Post,and Hongkong Post(Normal Post Service) for small order or sample which less than 2 KGS in total,you can select the shipment method yourself before payment in our shopping cart.

We will effect the shipment within 3-5working days and then email our customer the Tracking Number. We have a full-time colleague to monitor the delivery of the package and ensure the goods reach the buyer's end safely and successfully.

(Tip: We ship to the the Paypal Confirmed Address only if you pay by paypal.)

We pledge that we will not let the customer suffer from "zero return", we will provide the customer "refunds money guarantee"in the following situation:

1.How can I deal with lost package?

If the customer can not receive the goods 30 days after we send out the package , as long as the customer can provide the evidence or proof to prove that the package was lost,no matter which side's responsibility is, we pledged that we will give the refunds money back to the customer or deliver goods again free in charge to the customer. We won't let the customer undertake any responsibility for the lost, no matter it is caused by any reasons which do not include the reason causes by the customer.

2.Can I send the product back if I am unsatisfied with it?

If you are not satisfied with our product, the unit is still in good condition and no damage,please report to us within 30 days of delivery date.Buyer need afford the shipping back to us,we only refund what the buyer pay for the order.

3.Process for return

Please login in your buyer center on our site and apply for return ,we will check your application and complete verifying within 48 hours.Then please print our return lable and paste it on parcel to send it back. We will make the refund to you within 48 hours once we receive the package.

We will not be responsible if customer send it back to us without advance notice !

Non-Returnable Items

-Items that have been damaged by improper use or abuse

-Non-defective, opened items

-Items NOT bought from official BeautyWill websites


Note:Our Refund Guarantee apply for our online orders in only,and not for the wholesale and any orders offline.We can not accept Negotiation of the price or terms online,the refund guarantee will be Invalid if any one negotiate with us.